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Shenzhen Fringe Art Centre China

2020 OCT-LOFT 公共艺术展——余物新秩序Trash New Order

instalation 300/300/300 cm






21.11.2017, godz. 18.00

Gallery Duża Scena UAP, Al. Marcinkowskiego 28/1

Poznan, Poland

   The piece of art consists of a ball made of material with a diameter of about

40cm in which I made 76 holes which gave the possibility to mount light bulbs generating

light at the temperature of the daylight – 5500K. Once summed up, the light

ball flooded its surroundings with 380 000 lumen.

A cold November day and the chronic lack of sunlight created perfect conditions

for the presentation of my work. The item was hung directly over the entrance

to the gallery, however the range of its activity did not reach the whole space of

the inside of the gallery only but a several-meter space outside of it as well.

   „Space is penetrated by light. (…) Light deducts the heaviness of matter from

objects. (…)

Light saturates space with emotions”.

The construction of the item itself did not matter for the recipient because the

illumination was so strong that the original form disappeared in a flood of light. Here

I would like to evoke the words of Antoni Mikołajczyk:

“A piece of art forming its own new world on the one hand “fades” the reality of the

real world and tells us to turn our backs on it – on the other hand restores the world

to us in a different, richer perspective, in a view incomparably richer than ordinary,

common experience of it.”

   Apart from the transcendent treatment of lightness, what became important

to me was the interactivity of an item aimed mainly at recipients, as well as the scale

of impact encompassing the space of a street and a boulevard. The skyglow towering

over people was of a therapeutic character. This range of light spectrum is used

to treat depression and different afflictions related to deficiency of it.

The liberation of light taking place during the exhibition had a literal meaning

but it also contained an emotional element. It constituted the compilation of experiences

about space and nature.

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