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Cyclic Form  

2010  Gallery Bunkier Strzegomski Survival, Wroclaw, Poland​

installation in space, length 12 m 

The Cyclical Form installation made use of an indoor space which consisted of two parallel arched corridors.
When deciding to build a construction which would narrow one of them, Gorczynski interfered directly with the
architectural tissue of the bunker by using it like material for sculpture.

In spite of a large-scale interference, the effect tumed out to by surprisingly discrete - and for some
people invisible. Narrowing a part of the corridor, almost to the point of blocking the passage, was sensed only by the most observant visitors who suspected it was an
intentional  distortion, a purposeful obstacle.

The ignorance of the oryginal typography of the bunker resulted in most visitors’ perceiving this peculiar ‘eye of a needle’ as an intentional fragment of the oryginal structure.
Finding oneself in such a perfectly prepared space with, in its critical, forced the visitors to sidestep it in an uncomfortable position resulted in a feeling on being in a trap and wanting to go back. Those who persisted in overcoming the claustrophobic moment were rewarded with entering a new, safe space.

Catalog Survival Przegląd Sztuki Wrocław 2011 ISBN: 978-83-60520-40-6 / 978-83-926272-9-6

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