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Rafał Górczyński (1980).

He works the fields of  sculpture, art installation, video art and space design.

He is the curator of many exhibitions and also design exhibition and scenography.



- Safety Site, 2020 OCT-LOFT 公共艺术展——余物新秩序Trash New Order, Shenzhen Fringe Art Centre China

Shifts, Centre of Polish Sculpture, Orońsko, Poland


- Distortion, Dialogues of Sculpture, Museum in Srem, Srem, Poland


- Silent - game from nature, ICHOT, Poznan, Poland


- Shortcuts, Hongkong Musse Gallery

- Synthesis of art 2017, Museum of Art w Chmielnickim, Ukraina 

- 4.Internationaler Leeraner Salon, Leeraner Salon in Ratskeller, Leer, Germany

Praktiker, Gallery, Uap, Poznan, Poland
- Pity of fear, Ośrodek Działalności Artystycznej, Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland



- Space Identity (Moonlight), Tabakfabrik in Vierraden, Vierraden, Germany 

- Illogical Game, UP Project Space , Berlin, Germany

Blue Notes, Cave a Bananes, Paris, France

Error II, Synthesis of art, Gallery BWA, Bydgoszcz, Poland

- Illogical games, preMeditations - Secret manings, Gallery Mison 44, Basel, Switzerland

- Error, Hidden dimension, Ośrodek Działań Artystycznych, Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland


- Error, Gallery AT, Poznan, Poland

- Blue Notes, COPYRIGHTprojektraum, Berlin, Germany

The shapes of space, Faculty of Physics UAM, Poznań

- Ikebana, COPYRIGHTprojektraum, (with Katarzyna Gorczynska), Berlin, Germany

- Waterfalls, Lecture Center​ University of Technology, Poznan, Poland

No title​, Large Armory / ASP Gdansk, Gdansk, Poland



Dream, King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok, Tajland

No title, Synteza Sztuk, Dom Kultury Polskiej w Wilnie, Wilno, Litva

Lethality, Gossip​, Gallery TRAFO, Szczecin, Poland

- No title, Synthesis of art, Gallery BWA, Bydgoszcz, Poland


2013     ​​​

- Sleep-unrelenting attempt to revival, Tabakfabrik in Vierraden, Vierraden, Germany

​- Lethality​, COUSES AND EFFECTS  AT Gallery 1982-2012, Gallery Arsenal, Poznan, Poland

- The first award in the competition "Window on the Lodz", installation concept, Lodz, Poland


2012     ​​

​- No title, Gallery outdoor work, (with Krzysztof Balcerowiak), Lewin Klodzki, Poland

- Waterfalls, Gallery  Art Station Fundation, Poznan, Poland

- No title, Tabakfabrik in Vierraden, Vierraden, Germany

- Dream, Gallery U Juzuitów, Poznan, Poland

- Tanato, Gallery AT, Poznan, Poland
- preMedytation/Symulation2, Gallery New Space, Ludz, Poznan


​​- preMedytation/Symulation, Center of Polish Sculpture, Oronsko, Poland

- Memory, Museum of History, Katowice, Poland

- No title,  Gallery Post-Office, Poznan, Poland​
- Third edition collections of art  Gallery UAM, Poznan, Poland​​



​​- Libra, Gallery U Jezuitow ,,Sculptura Liberalis", Poznan, Poland​

- VII Feria de Arte Contempomnea de Monzon, Arteria Mozon, Espania
- Sleep-unrelenting attempt to revival, Gallery Agora, Wroclaw, Poland​
- No title, Gallery dental center Image and form, Poznan, Poland​
- Gesture, Gallery Bielska BWA, Bielsko-Biala, Poland​
- Cyclic Form, Gallery Bunkier Strzegomski Survival, Wroclaw, Poland​
- Attitudes ,Gallery Profili, Poznan, Poland​
- The foatprint of being, Gallery Past-office Poznan, Poland​
- Fair-Play, Public space, Poznan, Poland

- Coexistence, preMedytation, Museum of textiles, Lodz, Poland


- Thinking about Heaven, Ostrale’08, Dresden, Germany


​2007 ​

​- Duel, Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, (with Slawomir Brzoska), Poznan, Poland​
- 13, Gallery Narod Sobie, Poznan, Poland​
- Differences, Gallery old Monastery, Szamotuly, Poland
- Prpvincial, Gallery Old Mill, Slupca, Poland

2006 ​

​-  Short circuit ,Gallery Artel'er, Poznan Poland
-  Four Corners, Center of Contempolary Art Inner Spaces, Poznan, Poland​

-  001..5., Castel Museum of Gorka, Szamotuly, Poland​​


2005   ​

​- Exhabition of works Marii Dokowicz, Old Slaughterhouse, Poznan, Poland
- Maybe architecture, Castel of Culture, Poznan, Poland

- Room_28, Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Poznan, Poland​
- Territory, Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Poznan, Poland​
- Drawing exhabition,  Gallery U Jezuitow , Poznan, Poland​​



​- Drawing exhabition, Castel Museum of Gorka, Szamotuly, Poland



​- Perception of space, Ballroom Hotel Bazar, (with Pawel Grobelny), Poznan, Poland 

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