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2011 Gallery U Jezuitow, Poznan, Poland​

Sand, video projection, diameter 200 cm 

The artwork has the quality of being concentrated, the art pieces presented in each gallery space units do not exist independently but they appear in dependence on each other as results of certain reasons and conditions. They emanate themselves, however, do not live independently and self-dependently. There is no separation between the phenomena and the observer with his separate individuality. 

The circle encloses the space and protects what is inside. It creates a sanctuary of the inner and at the same time it builds a border around it. It can constitute a protective wall what is precious and fragile but for what should not see the daylight. It is a symbol of eternity and it reminds us of life energy which is a never-ending, unstoppable stream. The circle introduces some order to our inner world and allows our sub-consciousness to enter the consciousness. In this way it helps to understand ourselves and find a place for us in the outside world.

It is a symbol which connects such oppositions as: the visible and the hidden, the simple and the deep, the empty and the full. Infinity can be expressed by the circle as it does not define only itself but it proceeds towards the infinity. For me personally, a circle that is not filled up with anything means readiness for a change or for experiencing spirituality which cannot be uttered with words and which is going beyond the rules of logical and rational thinking.
Not without a reason the red color has been used here as it has the meaning of life potential and awakening for feeling and empathy. We can understand it in a dual way: as the willingness to conquering, courage, acceptance of the physical body, passion, life energy and wisdom but also as deep, painful wounds, suffering and anger.


In my work I tend to eliminate “the author’s trace” by creating pieces in anonymous atmosphere. My target is to create mental associations referring to peace, contemplation, meditation, stillness and silence. The artwork is meant to poses a certain kind of sterility where each distraction may be bothering.

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